About Us

Are you a small business owner or independent professional?

We've all seen how small office/home office businesses and organizations (SOHO's) have benefited from the technology which allows them to function like larger companies, while putting their real talents and passions to work. With technology, no one is confined to a geographic location -- the entire world can be a market or your audience, and a client can come from anywhere, if you only know how to make it happen. Welcome to business life in the 21st century!

Would you like to take full advantage of today's technology,to grow and market your business?

One of the biggest hurdles a small business or organization faces is that they simply can't do it all and do it well. Very often, we spread ourselves too thin, way outside our own area of expertise, just to save money. Isn't it worth considering that doing all your own marketing might actually be hurting your chance for success?

At SOHO It Goes!, our expert team provides a wide variety of services which benefit your business. We specialize in providing design, communication and marketing services that are driven by today's technology. Rather than struggling to do it all yourself, we're ready to jump into action just when you need us to show you how to:

  • communicate with more people,
  • market and grow smarter,
  • get more organized,
  • manage your time and information; and most importantly,
  • make efficient use of the technology you already own or may not even know exists to help you!

Wouldn't you reach your goals quicker if you concentrated all your energy on your area of expertise, knowing that your marketing efforts would not be in vain? Contact SOHO It Goes! today to find out how to make that happen!

PS. If you're thinking "Yes, I need this kind of help!" but hesitate to spend money on it, we do understand. Unfortunately, new businesses do not always have the money they need to invest in professional marketing materials, at the moment when they need it most! So, in order to help our customers, SOHO It Goes! will accept Visa and Mastercard for payment, allowing you to invest in your business now and pay for it over time. We also have developed a series of discounted "micro business start up packages" to help you get on your way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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